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  • 28 Mar 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Digital Learning Centre, Westland District Library, Hokitika
  • 13


The Brilliant Data Working Group presents
Regional Workshops

Data has become the powerhouse for organizational change over  the recent decades. More importantly, it can provide evidence-based backup to what you instinctively know. And for library managers, spending time learning to understand what data can tell you about your business is an essential skill that can be applied to many areas of library management.

Offered across all six regions the two workshops are essential building blocks for mounting successful campaigns, funding bids, or submissions.

Designing with a data-driven mindset (10 am – 12 noon)

Having a data-driven mindset means you're not simply trusting your gut and hoping for the best. A data-driven mindset is when an individual or a team makes decisions based on data analysis instead of emotion and intuition. Leaders with a data-driven mindset ask why things are the way they are. You let the data guide your decision-making process and act as a check on your intuition.

Story Augmentation (1 pm to 3 pm)

Story augmentation is not just telling people how good libraries are or how they change lives, but a way of demonstrating the positive impact and the difference public libraries make to community wellbeing year on year.

Using our annual data, we can create compelling cases for funding or policy changes. Over time this amplification takes root in the minds of key decision-makers.

Why a National Data Workshop Programme?

It’s hard to argue with the fact that data has clearly become one of the most important business assets available to organizations today. ~ Bernard Marr

Our primary aim is to align your data strategy with Council’s business strategy, foster a culture of data literacy throughout your library, and begin to make better use of our national data collection to become better at driving positive change.

Who should attend this workshop?

Library or Council Data Managers, Data Analysts, Data engineers, Information Managers, ICT Managers, IT Managers. We extend this invitation to those people in your library or Council who input your data. This workshop is free.

Additional info

  • Members can attend any session anywhere,
  • It is FREE to attend.
  • All dietary requirements can be catered for - ensure you include your mobile number when registering.

The Association of Public Library Managers Incorporated
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