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PLNZ Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to provide a framework of professional ethics for all PLNZ members during the most testing times, and those of celebration.
Libraries are leading the way. At PLNZ we are proud of the work our members do and the experience they offer our communities across New Zealand.
Our reputation reflects the calibre of this work and relies on the professional conduct of our members.
PLNZ acknowledges the many friendships forged by individual librarians over the years; this has led to support and collaborations between libraries in their endeavour to provide the best library services and access to resources.  
As we grow our association’s public profile and reach, our reputation is under greater public scrutiny and exposure, especially through social media. It is essential then; we work within the guidelines of the PLNZ Code of Conduct.

Rules of Conduct

Members shall:

    • Act in the best interests of the association; and promote the association as a reputable and respected business
    • Actively contribute to the association’s work and standing in the library sector and encourage other members to do likewise
    • Conduct themselves in a professional manner that does not injure the reputation of PLNZ
    • Refrain from open public criticism of fellow members and elected representatives, or express publicly any opinion on the professional performance of members
    • Any criticism shall be confined to and utilise PLNZ forums for discussion and handled with professional courtesy and integrity
    • Declare any conflicts of interest in all matters of financial or personal transactions with PLNZ
    • Keep confidentially and not disclose publicly any details of the business of the association without the expressed authority of the Executive
    • Fraudulent or dishonourable activity is a breach of the Code and will lead to the withdrawal of membership
    • Observe a strict professional detachment during the elections of Executive and Regional Reps
Updated September 2020

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